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Boca Raton pet sitting, dog walking, training rates

Boca Raton pet sitting, dog walking, training rates​

Puppy Training Sessions at Your Home

These sessions are designed to provide a structured environment for new puppy owners to learn how to properly train and socialize their puppies. These sessions cover a wide range of topics, including crate training, introducing basic commands, socialization, mental enrichment, trust and confidence building, leash manners, and recall training.
Boca Raton pet sitting, dog walking, training rates​

Dog Walking

Is your work schedule keeping your dog alone for extended periods throughout the day? If so, consider our dog walking service as the perfect solution. We understand that dogs, much like humans, require regular mental and physical stimulation to thrive. With our service, your dog can enjoy a well-deserved break. Our visits include a comprehensive range of activities, from walks and refreshment with fresh water to engaging playtime sessions, interactive dog games, and even trick training.
Boca Raton pet sitting, dog walking, training rates​

Cat Sitting

Our expertise in feline care fills us with great pride, particularly in assisting even the most reserved cats. Through customized approaches, we emphasize familiarity and routine, ensuring emotional well-being. Our cat sitting service includes feeding, providing fresh water, scooping the litter box, playtime, and affectionate interactions. This promotes a secure and content environment for your cat.
Boca Raton pet sitting, dog walking, training rates​

In-Home Basic Obedience Training Sessions

Enroll in our comprehensive sessions to adeptly equip yourself with the essential tools for nurturing a well-behaved canine companion. By consistently training and reinforcing these commands, you'll effortlessly create a secure and enjoyable environment that resonates with everyone involved.

Small Animal Care

Whether they hop, swim, fly, or scamper, your small pets will experience a profound sense of comfort and affection in our care. Engaging the services of a pet sitter during your vacation absence can prove instrumental in ensuring the seamless continuation of their regular routines and dietary habits.

Boca Raton pet sitting, dog walking, training rates

Twenty-minute express visit services are meant for clients at work who need a quick break for their dogs to relieve themselves. They are not available for vacation care.

Our pet care services offer pricing for the care of two pets with an additional charge of $3.00 for each extra pet.


Visit 20 Mins.

$ 26

Basic Visit
30 Mins.

$ 31

Extended Visit
45 Mins.

$ 40

VIP Care
60 Mins.

$ 49

Overnights (90 min PM visit and 30 min AM visit)

$ 99

Overnight Stays


In Your Home
Dog Training Sessions
60 Mins.


pet care experts

We possess comprehensive expertise in understanding the behavioral needs of both dogs and cats.