Additional Services

Litter Box Scooping:

If you’re an expectant mother, suffered an injury that prevents you from scooping the litter boxes, a senior who has difficulty bending over, or have several boxes you aren’t able to tend to on a daily basis, we are here to help. Cats need and like a clean environment where they can do their potty business. Please note this is a stand alone service separate from pet sitting. Litter box scooping is included free of charge for scheduled cat sitting within your home.
Please contact us for info.


1-2 boxes – $12
3-4 boxes – $14
5-6 boxes – $16
7-8 boxes – $18

Colony Cat Feeding:

Do you have a colony of cats that you feed every day and need someone to feed and refresh their water bowls while you’re traveling. We would be happy to help.
Please contact us for rates